The Major Advantages of Split-Level Homes

Split-level houses are ideal space savers. The original designs originated in the early sixties. The primary reason is that living areas are available on different levels which are divided into a set of steps. There are living, family and dining rooms as well as the kitchen in the main deck. All split-level home plans are alike. It is made up of two floors, basement, and carports. The underground room is partly concealed. Each of the two flights of stairs connects the one-storey level to the two-storey part. The first leads to the bedrooms and bath while the other links up to the family quarters, basement and garage. If you are considering the benefits of split-level homes, read more below:

* This type of homes ensures privacy for families that share living areas with parents or in-laws. It is perfect for households with school-age children and younger adults. Many families in urban communities prefer split-level residences. This house is suitable for occupants with physical conditions compared to the standard two-storey homes. You need not worry too much about accidents especially if there are elderly folks in your family.

* Aside from the availability of space, the layout is more organised and practical. The main rooms along with one or two bathrooms are located on the upper level. You can find the family room, laundry nook, one bedroom, and bath, plus the garage on the first floor. The family alcove can be converted into a play area for the kids. It does not get in the way of the rest of the more important rooms. The garage can be reached through a separate door. At the same time, vacant space can be utilised for a lawn or flower garden. Thus, the entire property can be self-contained.

* Maintenance will not cost you a lot since this particular design is flexible. Split-level houses are not too elegant, so you need not spend too much for upkeep. Homeowners will find the designs easy to modify. These can be moderate changes for interiors, repainting, or the construction of a simple courtyard.

* The models of the ranch-type of residences have become popular with many average-income earning households. These units to include the working rooms are quite easy to maintain, so you do not require a large budget for refurbishment. You only need to purchase reasonably-priced construction materials and seek the services of an experienced split level home builder.

Now that you know the advantages of split level homes, you might be considering to build a split level home on your sloping block of land. In this case, all you need besides having a budget is to hire a split level home builder – They are reputable builders with a lot of experience when it comes to building split level homes. The experts here are highly trained and will be able to deliver quality work at an affordable price. Contact them today and have your family house built on a sloping block by pros.

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