Tree pruning is a challenge to every property owner. While it appears to be as easy as cutting some dead branches using necessary tools, there is more to it than meets the eye. In fact, the reason why so many people fail in tree pruning is that they seem to have underestimated it. It is especially true for property owners who take on the challenge of palm tree pruning.

The truth is palm tree pruning comes with lots of complicated stuff. Pruning is essential to a palm tree since it maintains its integrity, both in structure and aesthetics. However, it does not mean you are doing it yourself since there is the option of hiring a palm tree pruning service. However, then again, you probably think you should give it a try. Well, there is no stopping you. As long as you have the certainty and dedication in learning the ways to proper pruning, then we will give it a go. Here are some basic tips on successfully pruning a palm tree:

  1. Every tree pruning job begins with a visual inspection at the top of the tree, and this right here is the reason why it is always a risky situation to be. You obviously need something to go up to your palm tree, plus you have to wear the right safety gear to prevent falling. The reason you must go up is to inspect the tree from the top.
  2. For most other trees, we strongly advise that you do not remove more than ΒΌ of the crown in a season. Also, the main side branches are a third smaller than the diameter of the trunk. If you have broadleaf or deciduous trees on your property, never prune up from the bottom that is more than one-third of the height of the tree.
  3. In most species of trees, there is ideally one single trunk. You need to figure out the best leader and later branches right before you start pruning. It is necessary that you get rid of the defective parts before you begin pruning with the intention of improving the form of your tree.
  4. At this point, you should not concern yourself with protecting pruning cuts. If the pruning job is intended for aesthetics, it feels better painting large wounds, but mind you, it does not reduce or prevent decay.

Keep in mind that in palm tree pruning –, one of the most important things is ensuring that the tools you use are sharp enough. If you are dealing with mainly young palm trees, using one-hand pruning shears equipped with curved blades are the best tool to use, although you also can use others with similar designs. If you are not totally sure about your confidence and skills in pruning, it still is better to hire the experts instead.