If you love trees, then one must-have tree in your yard is a palm tree. A palm tree is a common tree when it comes to adding beauty to your property. By taking good care of a palm tree, you will not only enjoy the aesthetic value, but palm trees also add value to your property.

Planting palm trees is just one process of beautifying your yard. Once the tree starts developing and growing taller, there are several maintenance practices that you need to do to ensure that the palm tree remains beautiful. Unless you know these maintenance practices, you will not achieve your goal. Below are the most common maintenance practices of a palm tree.

Pruning and trimming

Just like other trees, your palm trees will grow rapidly and develop more limbs. To ensure that your tree is healthy and beautiful, you need to consider doing some pruning and trimming. This is done for several reasons. First, the trimming is done to train your palm tree to take shape. For example, you can do this by ensuring that only one strong stem grows upward. The pruning is to ensure that there are no dead branches all over the tree. This way, you aerate the tree which provides good growth. Also, by pruning your tree, you get that beauty you have always wanted. Last but not least, pruning ensures that your palm tree remains healthy when you remove dead or infected branches.


If you are not familiar with palm trees, you might wonder what shaving is. When you prune a palm tree, there will be some shaggy hairs left as you cannot prune the branches completely from the trunk. Over time, the remaining part of the branch that is attached to the stem will rot, and hairs will grow all over the pruned area. When this happens, your palm tree will look very shaggy. In fact, a hairy palm tree is a suitable habitat for birds, rodents, and other creatures.

At this stage, such a palm tree will not add beauty to your property, and that is why you should consider palm tree cleaning Brisbane services. Palm tree cleaning is the same as palm tree shaving. This where you call in an expert to shave your palm tree. The expert will remove all the hairs, and your palm tree will be left smooth. That smooth look of a palm tree is what adds beauty to your yard.

If you do all the above maintenance procedures, then you can be sure to have the best palm tree.