One way to be successful in livestock farming is to ensure that you have enough feeds. Securing enough feeds means that you need to preserve as much hay as you can. In many areas of the world, fodder is very common with livestock farmers, and that is why you will see that most livestock farmers own huge ranches. Therefore, if you just got into the livestock farming business, then you need to know the importance of hay and how to preserve it for future use. When it comes to making feeds, there are several crops you can use, but the most common is grass and wheat stalk remains.

Haymaking process is the same regardless of which crop you are using. However, to ensure that you have quality hay, there are several things you need to know. First, determine the right time to harvest and preserve your feeds. You should always ensure that you cut your grass at the right time. The right time will depend on the type of grass you have, the maturity, size, and shape of the desired bales, weather conditions and the moisture content. However, if you do not know the right time to harvest, you can always ask agricultural experts in your area for advice.

The second thing you need to think of is how to preserve the hay. You can use the old method which is very expensive, or you can decide to use the net wrap to wrap your bale which is a modern method that is very effective and very affordable. The old process is where you make the hay bales and bring them to a storage area that is shaded to prevent weather damage. This method is overtaken by time, and that is why you should consider using the net wrap. With this product, once you wrap the round bales, you need not look for storage space as the product is weather friendly. This means that it is designed with unique features that make it possible to leave the hay bales on the farm without having to worry about the hay getting damaged. For example, it has perfect water shedding feature, is UV stable, and sturdy enough to survive the outdoors.

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