Men love shoes. It is one of the few things about fashion they spend money. For your part, you probably have more than a handful of pairs at home. However, the fact that you are reading this post means you still crave for more. This time, let us focus our discussion on the best pairs of men’s casual footwear money can buy.

1 – Penny Loafers

The penny loafer is the perfect example of mens shoes casual. It features a leather strap found across the top, with a slit reinforcement which usually comes in a diamond shape that is big enough to hold a coin. Well, it is for that reason why it is named penny loafers. If you want versatility and the convenience of wearing it regardless of your outfit, a pair of penny loafers gives you precisely what you want. You can wear it to a friend’s summer wedding, a casual weekend getaway at the beach, or everyday errands in the city.

2 – Tassel Loafers

You may cringe at the notion of wearing tassel loafers, but one thing you should know that it remains a staple when it comes to mens casual shoe options. The best thing about it is that it looks minimalistic, with no lace and showcases a low-cut design. Similar to penny loafers, the tassel loafer fits summer outfits. It is best if you pair them with fitted pants or shorts, and try ditching those socks.

3 – Desert Boots

Desert boots are a fashionable mens shoes casual option these days, and there is a good reason. The best attribute is the lightweight construction, which means you get maximum comfort when wearing it even for extended periods. It also is versatile enough to go along with any casual clothing or getup. It is the ideal definition of an everyday shoe. Also, you can purchase multiple pairs with different colour options so that you will not go out of style regardless of the outfit you plan on wearing.

4 – Chukkas

You probably have heard of chukkas before but never got the chance to wear them. Well, the chukka is another unique type of men’s casual shoes that offers a minimalist design. It is the perfect footwear for someone who wishes to showcase a low profile. However, wearing a pair of chukkas does not necessarily mean dressing down or lacking the style. It is a footwear classic that reminds you how a minimalist pair of shoes can make you look great.

5 – Oxford

As the name suggests, Oxford shoes come from the Brits, and it is stylish footwear that every man deserves to wear at least once. It became popular in prep school campuses, but eventually became an icon for casual footwear. If you intend to up the ante when it comes to style, a pair of Oxford casual shoes does the trick.