Advantages of Pre-Sale Home Inspection

The property inspection business has been continuously growing recently due to banks going out of their way to ensure that the homes they are selling are salable, or find out whether those properties have any value at all. This trend is also likely to grow with homeowners who intend to buy or sell their properties.

In any case, it is crucial that you have the home in question properly evaluated, and that is where pre-purchase home inspections Melbourne come into play. This article tries to answer some question regarding pre-purchase home inspections such as what they are, what the possible problems that might occur are and what they offer and do not provide.

What are Home Inspectors?

Home inspectors are people who take a look at your house, evaluate and analyses the pros and cons of it and also uncover areas in the home that need development, give you an assessment of how much it will cost and then writes a detailed report named as pre-purchase home inspection report. Besides helping you to market the house, this report also goes into details on what you should do with your property in the future. There are numerous things which you can’t possibly notice by inspecting the house by yourself unless you are a home expert of which most likely you are not that is why you require the help of a professional home inspector.

Possible problems with home inspection reports

There are several things which are not normally included in a pre-purchase report including termite control (you should be very careful with this, mostly if your property is located in places where termites are a lot). Reports of places that couldn’t or were not inspected for example if the inspector could not access a particular area; estimated repair costs, things like fireplaces and chimneys, electric wiring and alarms.  You should check those by yourself, to prevent being disappointed when you purchase the property.  The inspection normally lasts up to 3 days.

Home sellers use inspection reports to advertising their properties, as a buyer you should disregard such statements since they might be biased to help the vendor sell the property. Thus a home inspection ought to be done when you request it to be done and not before.


Pre-purchase home inspection Melbourne reports are a great way of saving money and time. A pre-purchase home inspection gives you an idea of the kind of home you are purchasing and prevent you from making huge mistakes that will affect you financially.

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