Wedding Venues SAIf you are responsible for finding the best possible wedding venue for someone else’s big event, there is no doubt you feel the pressure. Not that we are putting more weight in it, but you must acknowledge the fact that the venue makes or breaks the success of the wedding. Simply put, it won’t become as memorable as possible if you choose a place that is not even worthy of consideration in the first place.

To guarantee that you select the perfect wedding venue, the first step to take is learning what attributes or characteristics to look for in a place.

1 – Same Place for the Ceremony and Reception

Weddings in the past always involved having the ceremony in a separate location, usually the church, to that of the reception. Although you probably think it is a conventional concept that you should not abandon, the thing is it is more practical these days to hold the wedding in the same venue. The obvious benefit is that you get to save money by doing so. Of course, you only must consider wedding venues SAcomplete with all the amenities and facilities needed for both the ceremony and reception.

2 – Separate Dressing Rooms

Having separate dressing rooms is as important as any other detail in the wedding venue you choose. It does not matter if you prefer a place with an individual or combined facility for the ceremony and reception; the important thing is you must only consider one with at least three dressing rooms – one for the groom, another one for the bride, and of course, for the other people who play a role in the massive event.

3 – Sufficient Area for the Reception

The wedding is an event where you expect a handful of people to attend, including the families of the bride and groom, friends, co-workers, other guests, and the entourage. If you do not want to mess up the whole thing, you should emphasise the actual space for all the guests to occupy. In other words, there must be enough space for everyone at the reception. You should take into account the area for the wedding band, food, dance floor, and the tables and chairs.

4 – Proper Ventilation

The best wedding venues SA out there provide utmost comfort to everyone. Therefore, they come equipped with the ideal ventilation and preferably, a temperature control facility. Ventilation is crucial since you are holding an event in a venue filled with warm bodies. It is a bonus to have a modern temperature facility as it allows more convenient management of the room temperature, the purpose of which is for the guests to feel comfortable. You never want to get the ire of the wedding couple for selecting a place that keeps everyone uncomfortable all throughout the event.